Animated Video Invitations

Make wedding planning simple with beautiful animated wedding invitations from Invitera.
We design chic, elegant, & modern digital invites for your special celebrations.

Watch our animated invitation by clicking the banner on each design.

Cherished Years

Birthday Collection

Life is a journey, and every year is a milestone. Let’s celebrate yours in style with our Birthday Collection. Treasure memories together and browse through our selection to find the perfect design style for your birthday theme. Make every year unforgettable!

Elegant Simplicity

Serenity Collection

Our Serenity collection provide an elegant and simplicity design theme, yet very suitable for various type of events.
This collection is ideal for those who admire modern and minimalist style into their special occasion.
Everlasting Elegance

Blossom Collection

Our blossom collection captures the essence of timeless events. The flowers symbolized a new beginning and brought hopes of happiness,
blessings, and fidelity to the lovely couple.
Cultural Heritage

Ethnic Collection

Here we craft each and every ethnic invitation with a modern twist. Find the perfect blend between modern layout and thematic style,
ranging from a luxury-modern Javanese to elegant Eastern culture. Let’s us honor our cultural heritage in style.
Blissful Romantic

Evergreen Collection

The beauty of nature will never go out of style! In this collection, we incorporate the stylish combination of modern touch
and romantic greenery invitations. It’s simple and perfect for that nature-inspired and greenery-themed wedding.
Big Day Announcement

Save The Date Collection

Short and stylish video invitation perfect for informing people that you love and care,  your big day is coming soon!

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